About Us

At In Harmony Wellness Services we strive to empower patients through knowledge. We believe that when a person is operating from a solid foundation of fact based information – whether pertaining to a debilitating condition, a chronic symptom, or a proposed treatment plan – positive strides toward improved health can be made.  Through knowledge and understanding, an individual can make an educated choice regarding where they are and where they would like to be, and most importantly which path will bring them toward their identified health goals in the most effective and overall beneficial way.

Because of this implicit belief in knowledge as power, we have created an organization that, aligned with a team of like-minded health care practitioners, has become the go-to organization for information regarding cannabis, cannabis as medicine, and overall health.

In Harmony’s Mission:

In Harmony is a patient resource organization committed to serving the needs of medical cannabis patients, both present and future. By providing reasonably priced physician consultations, information, education, and relevant services in a professional and community oriented atmosphere, In Harmony empowers individuals to take ownership of their health and their health care. Further, In Harmony seeks to disassemble any barriers to understanding that exist between the medical cannabis community and the public at large, by the dissemination of true and accurate information and through professional representation.

At In Harmony We Believe…

    • …in the efficacy of cannabis as medicine.
    • …that an individual’s health and wellness is their most valuable asset.
    • …that knowledge is power.
    • …that in order to make the whole person feel better, a person must first be considered and then treated from that same perspective.

From its inception, In Harmony has endeavored to help both patients and the community by reaching out to those in need and by contributing to larger community efforts. In 2009, In Harmony rallied patients for a Turkey Drive that provided holiday turkeys for more than half of the needy families in Windsor.  In 2010, In Harmony sponsored a Relay for Life team that exceeded targeted contribution goals, and later that year In Harmony rallied the patient community yet again to lend a financial helping hand to a family going through the roughest of times.

Today, In Harmony continues to help patients by:

    • Empowering patients with knowledge.  Through classes and one on one assistance we do our best to keep patients informed.
    • Connecting Patients with Community.
    • Reaching out to individuals with chronic conditions to educate those who may benefit from the use of Cannabis as medicine.
    • Bridging the gap of misunderstanding with the larger community by becoming a trusted resource.
    • Becoming INVOLVED together with, and on behalf of, our patient community.
    • Helping Patients help themselves.




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