Our Services


In Harmony Wellness is a patient resource organization connecting patients, physicians, and community. Guided by a “Patients First” approach, we strive to serve the highest needs of the Colorado Medical Cannabis Patient Population.

The following are a few of the growing list of services we offer:

    • Physician Consultation Appointments – Patients will experience the feeling of being valued when they are seen by In Harmony’s reputable physicians. Because of our physician’s legitimate commitment to wellness, patients will receive the best quality of care.
    • Information/Education – In Harmony seeks to empower patients on their individual wellness journey by offering a variety of topics that directly affect many patients, including:
      • Getting the Most out of your Medicine – Patients will learn about the differing effects of various medicating techniques and explore which best fit their needs. Topics addressed include consistent dosaging and strain specific information: identifying the strain(s) that are right for you and the most effective for the specific treatment of chronic conditions and their symptoms.
      • Cultivating your own Medicine – Let In Harmony help to guide you through the process of growing your own medicine. Explore the safest and most cost-effective ways to cultivate your own best medicine as well as which growing method is the best choice for you and your space, whether organic soil, hydroponics, or aquaponics.  Ask us about our personal setup programs – we come to you!
      • Alternatives in Health – In Harmony will features different alternative health practitioners and modalities of treatment in an effort to expose patients to more choices of effective options that might best compliment their wellness approach.
      • Medical Cannabis and the Law – In this ever-changing environment of the latest rules and regulations, In Harmony is the patient’s go-to resource for the most current and reliable information.
  • Community Events – Stay tuned for the latest news on patient-only community events – more info coming your way  soon!!








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