Our Story

Where we came from:

In Harmony Wellness LLC began in 2008 with a clear mission ~ to empower patients regarding the legitimate use of cannabis as medicine through knowledge and to de-stigmatize cannabis as medicine to society at large through professional representation and education. With humble beginnings holding public information meetings five nights a week in coffee shops and bookstores across Northern Colorado, In Harmony Wellness helped countless patients to navigate the confusing process of becoming a legal patient by compiling and offering patients accurate and understandable information. In Harmony helped to cultivate ongoing relationships by being there for those patients, planting the seeds that eventually blossomed into a wonderful patient community.

In June of 2009, In Harmony was given permission by the town of Windsor to open its doors as a medical cannabis dispensary. By striving to better serve the expanding patient community it had cultivated as well as to answer the rising demand for safe, reliable access to medical cannabis in a professional setting, In Harmony’s patient community grew larger and stronger, and In Harmony’s reputation as a patient-centered, community oriented organization flourished. As the original landscape of the medical marijuana community continued to grow and change, so came the inevitable demand for necessary regulations. Despite working closely with the local government and the non-patient community alike, In Harmony ultimately fell victim to a citizen initiated vote to ban medical cannabis in the town and was ultimately forced to close its doors in May of 2011. After three years of unblemished service to the patient community and two years of working with the town and contributing to the surrounding community of Windsor, it was an emotionally devastating ordeal for all involved.

However, ultimately undaunted from remaining true to its original mission, In Harmony has found a way to ‘rise from the ashes’ and come back more committed than ever to serve the higher needs of the medical cannabis community. Continuing the mission of empowerment through education,  In Harmony has reemerged to become a beacon for the Northern Colorado patient community, furthering its belief in helping patients to help themselves. We are an organization for the patients, by the patients, and we are here yet again to serve the needs of the medical cannabis patient.


A Note to Patients From Tina:

Hello In Harmony patients and friends! We have missed you all!! You are the heart and soul that has made In Harmony the vibrant community full of hope and happiness that it was for more than two solid years, and we are so thrilled to be back in action for an encore performance, playing perhaps our most important role yet for medical cannabis patients!

When In Harmony was forced to close its doors in May of 2011, none were more devastated than our community of patients. Many were very concerned that the place where they had found quality medicine, integrity and relief for so long had been shut down with such little consideration for their needs and perhaps more importantly their rights as per the Colorado State Constitution. They were the people being helped, they were the people needing safe access and they were the people having the right to use Cannabis as medicine.

Those who were displaced in our community have since found a new home in one or more of the other very caring, patient focused medical cannabis centers in Northern Colorado,  but the patients’ collective desire for a community was left resonating loud and clear and, in response, In Harmony Wellness has reopened its doors as a Patient Resource Organization and is better than ever! (well, minus all the great strains, that is…;)

Like the Phoenix, In Harmony has risen from the ashes to fill the huge need for a patient community, in a whole new way. Having reopened in our original location (just steps from exit 262 off I-25), In Harmony has returned to its roots. Empowering patients through information and education as a patient resource center,  we now offer, among other services, physician consultation appointments with reputable physicians. In Harmony sought out and teamed up with doctors who are aligned with our ‘patients first’ mission, and the result is brilliant!

Please, browse our website, stop by for a visit, or just call us to say hi. We are here for you, and we are so looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful faces, both old friends and new, among our newly reorganized community.

Fond Wishes of Wellness to all,

Tina and the New In Harmony Crew

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