CO2 and the Indoor Marijuana Garden

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Environmental conditions inside a growing space play a integral part of its success.  Everything from carbon dioxide content to temperature weigh on the ability of the plants to properly grow.  Without monitoring and controlling each aspect of the grow environment correctly the plants will have a hard time flourishing.  Any added stress, especially on cannabis, will greatly affect the flowering outcome.  There are many ways to tweak each growing space with electronic timers controlling everything from intake fans to watering schedules.

One of the most overlooked aspects of indoor gardening is the quality of air contained in the space.  The air quality needs of plants are not over demanding or hard to provide.   Natural air outside contains anywhere from 300 to 500 parts per million of CO2.  With the wind blowing and day/night changes, the air is constantly refreshed around the earth every second.  Inside it’s a bit more complicated, but not much.  As plants photosynthesize they use up available CO2 and give off oxygen or O2.  The optimum CO2 content in air for cannabis plants is anywhere from 1000 to 1400ppm.  There are many ways to measure this that you can purchase from your local hydroponic store.  Electronic meters are the best since they provide a digital readout of the exact amount.

There are a couple of ways to enrich your air with added CO2.  The easiest and most economical way is to bring fresh air into the growing space via a inline fan, and exit the air out another area of the space with a similar sized fan.  This brings fresh air in the room filled with CO2 naturally found outside, and exits used up air filled with more O2 than desired.  Another way to enrich is by purchasing CO2 canisters and a solenoid to release bottled CO2 into the room.  Also a propane burning unit works to burn propane directly into CO2, but there is added heat from this device.  Other ways can be used to enrich also, but these are the most common.

Careful when adding CO2 to a growing space, measuring it is very important to not damage plants or worse, yourself.  The toxic level of CO2 for plants is around 2000ppm and will damage leaves, even killing plants outright.  Toxic CO2 levels for humans is around 5000ppm, and can cause you to pass out.  When thinking about using CO2 enrichment, asses your growing space, number of plants and access to fresh air.  Adding fresh air is far easier and safer, not to mention cheaper, than any other source.   A simple in/out fan setup can provide more than enough CO2 rich air for plants to grow with.

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